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If this happens, it is possible that specific cultivars, sizes and color grades of organic apples would receive higher prices in the conventional market.

Assessing consumer preferences for organic, eco-labelled, and regular apples.

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Local markets, such as roadside stands and 'pick-your-own' operations, play an important role in the preservation of heirloom varieties of apples.

The study actually reported that organic apples achieved only 93% of non-organic yields (ratio of 0.93).

We had a family garden and a few fruit trees - apples, cherries and pears.

What "three" is three chairs vì thế not tell us, nor three apples, three cats nor any three things.

Languages no longer need lớn be viewed as countable entities, as though they were apples or nation states.

The trees are very well cared for, as cider apples are one of the principal productions of the country.

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Eating apples are grown in the south, as well as the vine.

Respondents grow apples for eating raw, for cooking and for making cider.

Indeed, cases have occurred where organically prohibited substances were detected on certified organic apples.

Packaged apples are sold at a lower price phàn nàn random-weight apples because of quantity discount.

An illustration of this is the phrase bag of apples.

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Prior lớn collecting the evidence, a more precise definition of disease management is necessary lớn avoid comparing apples and oranges.

The result is conceptually anomalous because it is not theoretically meaningful lớn mix apples and oranges.

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