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Widely used in criminal cases, forensic DNA examination (Deoxyribonucleic acid) can help identify whether the elephant tusk is from Asia or Africa.

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The Hello Kitty brand presence is especially strong in Asia and amongst Singaporeans, said Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus.

We have blue-chip clients in nước Australia, SE Asia, Malaysia, India and Europe, almost all of whom we work for as their main/primary partner.

The annual Asia Business Outlook Survey gathers confidential feedback from business leaders throughout Asia at the over of the previous year.

Other emerging markets in Asia offer opportunities vĩ đại Australian producers but Mr Cordingley says cost efficiency is key.

More importantly, Southeast Asia is segmented by seas and mountains, therefore the cost of delivery is relatively higher.

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Nevertheless, the Southeast Asia alliance system as a whole remained at a low ebb in terms of public visibility and strategic priority.

This policy was widely welcomed during the Cold War by Western states fearful of rising communism in Southeast Asia.

The sự kiện aims vĩ đại shine a light on budding young entrepreneurs across the region and explore the challenges and opportunities unique vĩ đại Southeast Asia.

There is a prevailing sense that nước Australia has lost dynamic interest in southeast Asia generally and ASEAN in particular.

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