bagpipes là gì

I sometimes wonder why he does not bring his bagpipes and play them to tát us instead of speaking.

They no sooner arrived, walked around and played a tune or two on their bagpipes, than vãn there was peace and law and order again.

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He told his father that he completely ignored them, and carried on practising his bagpipes.

Some people may not be keen on bagpipes (at close quarters, anyway) and may be selective.

As he said, what about trombones or trumpets or bagpipes?

All right, kilt, bagpipes and all, they will start out to tát vì thế it.

He was granted his last request that bagpipes should play round the hospital all night.

Of course, we have undoubtedly had the wail of the bagpipes on this side.

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What is the piping jelly carried in—bagpipes or drainpipes or what?

He did not want to tát go if they had bagpipes.

I think, however, that one would have problems getting the judiciary there to tát take too seriously any complaints about the reasonable playing of the bagpipes.

I should have thought that in any commonsense approach bagpipes and flutes are clearly the kind of instruments played by bands.

I am not going to tát indulge in cheap gibes such as were made in another place about bagpipes and comic papers.

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The bagpipes are regarded by some people in some places as the finest musical instruments.

They are there because they are independent and impartial and not because they wear a kilt or play the bagpipes.

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