broken là gì

Below this is a high strain zone full of broken fragments.

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She has heard them all her life, these obstinate spirits, desperate to lớn speak, to lớn revise the broken grammar of their exits.

The cemetery is unkempt and there are several broken gravestones.

Grassy tussocks size a large part of the landscape, broken by rock bands and steep scrambles to lớn reach the saddles and high points.

Although an individual is technically required to lớn live in the area designated on his/her permit, in practice the system has largely broken down.

When a wire breaks or is compromised, it sends a signal to lớn stop or proceed at a much slower tốc độ.

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Early in his career he broke both his hands and seemed through.

After four days, the engine broke and could not be turned off.

During the three-day competition, six championship records were broken.

After a long break, he graduated in 1926.

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