buys nghĩa là gì

The đoạn Clip recipes also include a trip vĩ đại the grocery store vĩ đại show which ingredients vĩ đại buy.

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The station is completely unstaffed, and there are no facilities for buying tickets.

It buys you a lot of time vĩ đại be sitting at your desk, inventing deranged little worlds.

These measures were all designed vĩ đại buy time for the attacking force.

Apart from these, this area has many offices and a lot of small shops where people can buy groceries.

He warned that the adjournment must not be an effort vĩ đại buy time.

Central ngân hàng action on house prices should reduce the chances of a housing bubble and could buy time vĩ đại maintain low interest rates.

This ability will help the protoss buy time vĩ đại defend in the case of an unexpected drop from an enemy.

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One way vĩ đại buy time for photons is by forcing them vĩ đại bounce back and forth.

Negotiations by jihadists are a ploy vĩ đại buy time.

We believe the company will buy back at a similar premium as 2007.

Any dealers who hold stock of any coin won't buy back that same coin.

The company has launched cash tender offers vĩ đại buy back notes due in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.?

They can really lose their credibility by promoting something that's not good, and credibility is something you can't buy back online.

And sometimes, gold loan financiers, who are also jewellers, buy back jewellery through auctions.

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