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Popes and kings, however, wanted this glory as a backdrop lớn their processions and celebrations, lớn impress the people and provide the required spectacle.

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Secondly, families took an active part in celebrations for the nuns' entrance into religious life and profession.

The structure and size of the celebrations sought lớn bind the city's political leaders together with local leaders in a joint enterprise.

All these events naturally led lớn large and small celebrations attended by participants and their supporters.

Often the local groups sang trọng, danced and cooked for celebratory functions, in welcoming official guests of local dignitaries or in political celebrations.

Modest celebrations were also often cobbled together for first-born children.

In this he acts as a brake on multiculturalist celebrations of difference by refusing lớn accept the performance of his ethnicity as inevitable.

Traditional celebrations honor individual heroism, not the mere act of survival in a modern war.

She oversees the cooking, the entertaining of female guests, the servants' lives and marriages, the haveli celebrations, and even the affairs of the junior relatives.

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Samogon was certainly used as a medium of exchange, as well as for customary celebrations.

The naval celebrations of this era were a central medium in the active promotion of peacetime service reputations.

The lessons are given a theatrical touch, explained as a story-telling style, not otherwise familiar in celebrations of the liturgy.

First, these celebrations saw the transposition of the chants and readings of the most private of canonical hours lớn an eminently public venue.

Even here, there is no surviving indication whether the celebrations were directly associated with the final religious confirmation of the marriage.

Undine claims her faithless lover during his wedding celebrations.

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