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Otherwise, for its risk-averse nonmoving clientele, the ngân hàng will always prefer cash reserves over storage; the latter will then never be used in equilibrium.

This secured them a clientele of lords who depended on their tư vấn and could be used as conduits of imperial will.

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Imposing a uniform provider structure across insurers deprives them of an important possibility đồ sộ match their products with the preferences of their clientele.

Economic nationalism, on the other hand, had a vigorous, powerful clientele in northern industrialism.

It is clear that, all over the continent, political elites make use of religious communities for purposes of mobilising voters, creating clienteles or organising constituencies.

They find-as expected-increasing expenditures prior đồ sộ elections for both left- and right-wing governments, albeit geared đồ sộ a different clientele.

The size serves as a gatekeeper, announcing at the outset the intended clientele.

The so-called principles of administrative design - such as purpose, process, clientele and place - provide conflicting emphases not straightforward solutions.

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Means-tested benefits are targeted đồ sộ a limited clientele of the needy, and social insurance schemes provide modest benefits.

The clientele should be determined by the desire đồ sộ pursue these educational aims, not by their age.

The available evidence does not suggest that the clientele of these various pubs was strictly segregated by occupation or class.

As its clientele changed, sánh did the regime it imposed on them.

Corporatist policymaking paved the way for clientele politics.

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He could be a valuable publicity machine amongst his clientele.

Above all, he went đồ sộ considerable lengths đồ sộ develop an extensive clientele, not only amongst the imperial princes, but also their servants.

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