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Was the king's family also involved in crafting?

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He earned coverage by crafting an unconventional, yet politically plausible personality.

They then use this model in crafting their solidarity activities and in dispensing resources.

Compositions tend vĩ đại exhibit varying degrees of structure, where the composer labours by crafting and evolving initial ideas into satisfying over products.

The skill of crafting objectivity is heterogeneous networking - tying as many things together as possible.

Both variables reflect aspects of the relative difficulty of crafting districts of equivalent size.

These descriptions provide the foundation for broader discussions about crafting, craft specialization, and agency in crafting activities.

Crafting appropriate democratic institutions and governance systems that can prevent the recurrence of conflict is thus critical.

This early-stage animal-product crafting was likely done in the room most often associated with food production.

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These remains may represent the production of multi-component regalia, involving hide skinning and working, the production of bone/shell adornments, and other non-faunal crafting activities.

This may be achieved by intuition and intervention in the site, rather kêu ca just crafting its essence.

Leaders will have significant autonomy in crafting the details of financial sector policies and other structural reforms.

We present a particular mix of components that can be put vĩ đại good use crafting verifiers for a particular class of programs.

The government was clearly more concerned about crafting a policy regime for trade that would win approval abroad, from donors and foreign investors.

However, there is a way around it by crafting an approach, such as the cross-comprehension test, that makes a relative comparison.

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