daily là gì

The soldiers attempt to tướng keep cool with cool water from freezers and refrigerators as well as the daily supply of ice from a local vendor.

The credibility of these reports is unfortunately less kêu ca plausible, with most students witnessing this many incidents daily.

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From 1947 to tướng 1953, there were eight or nine daily round trips, and from 1953 ten.

The nominations aired during the daily highlights show during this season, making it the only season to tướng not feature a live nominations special.

It is just that people usually tự not make a habit of making it a daily diet.

The area has one daily and three weekly print newspapers, as well as an online mạng internet daily newspaper.

Local, national and international news and sport - it is a different kind of daily newspaper.

This ban prohibited the ownership of a daily newspaper and any full-power broadcast station that serviced the same community.

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It was originally a daily newspaper, but changed to tướng 3 days a week in 2009.

They lived in isolation with no daily newspaper or regular mail, and little feminine company.

The information is fed into the daily report.

It beggars belief that people can complain about not receiving a guaranteed daily report.

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In exchange for the given hospitality he wrote an extensive daily report on his trang web before hitchhiking to tướng his following location.

The health department receives a daily report of suspected swine flu cases.

All political news should be divided into these categories, and journalists should organise their daily report into my four quadrants.