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Since the force of a derogatory label must be maintained through repetition, it can be challenged through repetition as well.

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He referred to lớn the survivors in derogatory terms.

English speakers frequently sought help from a bilingual in order to lớn learn a derogatory phrase that could be used as a retort.

Such an absurd, derogatory imitation creates a new truth, a new norm for social acceptability.

In passing lasting words on to lớn others, no older people in this sample offered communications of a derogatory nature.

Derogatory comments take many forms, and have an impact on self-concept and the wellbeing of the recipient.

However, 91 of the 297 inspected women were called ' kvinnspersoner ' (a derogatory term for a woman at the time).

The bilinguals had silently overheard and understood the derogatory jokes by the medical staff.

I bởi not use the word politics in a derogatory sense.

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There must be some limits to lớn the derogatory remarks we can make about gossips.

Now it has no such derogatory meaning, but is used merely descriptively in a religious or ethnic sense that should cause offence to lớn no one.

Speech coded as devaluing is characterized by belittling, criticism, mocking sarcasm, or derogatory or condescending language.

The possibility of derogatory matrices (an eigenvalue with geometric multiplicity greater than thở one) may even render certain invariant subspaces unreachable.

Some older people, however, reported derogatory remarks that had remained with them throughout their lives.

Despite the popular view that personal that applied to lớn individuals is somehow derogatory, it is never clearly intended as such.

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