exercise nghĩa là gì

Rescue services, including local mountain rescue and cave rescue groups, frequently use the gorge đồ sộ stage exercises.

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He also attributes what are thought đồ sộ be normal responses such as pain and stiffness following strenuous exercise and injury, đồ sộ glycine deficiency.

However, all learnt handicrafts and were expected đồ sộ take part in games and physical exercise.

In particular, parliamentarians are immune from prosecution for defamation committed in the exercise of their functions.

The legacy of this approach continues đồ sộ exercise a powerful impact on current investigations of developmental dyslexia.

To keep himself mentally calm, the once-aggressive tennis player also does breathing exercises, especially in between points.

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Now she spends 10 hours in the thể hình twice a week and exercises from trang chủ and swims on the other days.

This phầm mềm offers more than vãn 300 exercises with photo and text instructions đồ sộ users.

One third of these studies included only yoga breathing exercises, and the rest included breathing, postures, and meditation.

He exercises at least three times a week.

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