faith là gì

Nothing deserves a higher priority, after faith, as the religious scholars have declared.

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The new law also provides that both the defendant homeowner and the plaintiff lender negotiate in good faith during their mandated settlement conference.

I want to tướng show you what faith can bởi with the life of one sick person.

Not all offenses require specific intent, and a misreading, even in good faith, may not excuse the criminal conduct.

By living faith we now can see: 6.

The award aims to tướng encourage high-quality literary expression that remains faithful to tướng modern times.

Faithful to tướng its values, it wishes resolutely to tướng act with all the members of the international community.

I am a scorned wife, faithful, yet insulted.

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Loosely faithful to tướng the original story, it has a number of differences.

Since is simple, is either all of, in which case is trivial, or is trivial, in which case is faithful.

That assumption is ví fundamental that, for scientists, it is an article of faith.

It's an article of faith among telecommuters that they get more done at trang chính.

It's an article of faith for most of us that the world today is far more dangerous kêu ca the one in which we grew up.

Education in particular was an article of faith for the indentured as it represented a ticket out of poverty for their descendants.

For the overall winning tiệc ngọt it is an article of faith but for the defeated it is nothing but a piece of paper representing deceit.

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