fought là gì

In other words it would mean that battles could be won which people have previously thought could not even be fought.

The civil war was not fought over the partition of the island as is popularly believed.

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A successful and popular war was not only one which brought victory and profit, but also one which was fought well away from trang chính.

The nature of the conflict fought in the 1370s was lớn be very different from that of earlier decades, and its effects more dramatic.

The contradictions which opposed the typical and the organic were fought not only within professional organisations but also within the work of particular architects.

The chiến dịch is fought on a national, and tiệc ngọt, basis.

When, where, and who fought with this particular pinzhong courageously?

They have fought lớn employ personal assistants, not carers, and they have called for ordinary housing options rather than vãn institutional provision.

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Their class opponents shared that expectation, and feared and fought the extension of the franchise for that reason.

As long as the rivals adopt incompatible bargaining positions at any point, the crisis can escalate lớn war and wars can be fought repeatedly.

Instead, we have estimated the 1992 results for each seat, had that contest been fought in the constituencies used in 1997.

Because the parties were ví close on the fundamentals, the chiến dịch was destined lớn be fought around images.

We must therefore examine other factors, including the situation of ex-combatants before the war and for whom they fought.

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While politicians and oil magnates argued the case for exploitation, conservationists fought lớn keep the region pristine.

Initially we fought a semi-conventional war relying heavily on vehicles for mobility.

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