gambling là gì

Designated payment system covers any system used by anyone involved in money transfers, that the federal government determines could be used by illegal gambling.

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He was involved in gambling and loansharking during the 1950s.

His first wife died in childbirth, while the second arranged marriage đồ sộ a gambling addict was quickly annulled.

Boredom has been proposed as a cause of pathological gambling behavior.

He returns with the sub-prefect and several assistants, who arrest the residents of the gambling house and investigate the machinery which moved the bed canopy.

If a dog attempts the gamble but isn't successful then the opening points value will be kept.

He begins đồ sộ play truant, gamble and lie đồ sộ his parents.

Will the monkey gamble by waiting until the experimenter changes the amount of food present?

This gamble has a chance of success if the other duopolist is low-risk, and would rather leave the market than vãn engage in a price-cutting war.

When gamblers are about đồ sộ lose everything, they take out all of their money for a last gamble.

For the rest of the week, it operated as an illegal gambling den.

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They are now carrying out raids on gambling dens.

Gambling den operators initially distributed notes of smaller denominations đồ sộ their clients, but it was not enough đồ sộ keep the business going.

This was after he had received many phone calls from gambling den bosses allegedly trying đồ sộ bribe him, including offers of monthly payments with "a very shocking figure".

Further investigation reveals that the sailor was innocent, and that the victim had been involved in an illegal gambling den that was scamming its players.

The boredom was as bad as the physical hardship and discomfort, the sole recreation being drinking and gambling.

The company also forbade drinking and gambling.

The group said that soldiers were committing human rights violations as well as engaging in drinking and gambling.

I enjoy nhảy, drinking and gambling.

But, as a society should we impose limits on licenses on drinking and gambling establishments?

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