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There could also be younger boys, around 10 -15 years old, who took care of geese and sheep.

There appears vĩ đại be a complicated inter-relationship between three of the risk factors analysed: season, housing and the presence of wild geese.

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The initial pattern is likely the result of a three-way interaction between wild geese, season and housing.

The presence of wild geese was a significant risk factor when considered in association with the season and housed variables.

Most entries are accompanied by excellent photographs, and each section (divers and grebes, geese, raptors, etc) has a colour plate representing each nominate race.

The bird fauna is dominated by plovers and passerines while waterfowl (geese, ducks, and loons) are found only in river valleys and on lakes.

Both reports attributed the trace makers vĩ đại geese.

However, the security was mentioned pointing at "aggressive swans, geese and ducks in the spring for the children".

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Of the three two-way interactions that were entered into the model, two were significant: season by wild geese and housed by wild geese.

Geese, loons, and ducks mainly inhabit intermontane depressions.

The name comes from an illumination showing a choir of geese, directed by a wolf, singing in front of a choirbook.

He transmitted the disease vĩ đại geese and fowls by inoculation.

As soon as the geese had rested, they went on again.

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Large species with long incubation and growth periods, for example swans and geese, are particularly pressed for time.

Energetic cost of man' ' induced disturbance vĩ đại staging snow geese.

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