hygienic là gì

Only lớn perceive and never lớn exude odors may not be, after all, as hygienic as one might have thought.

Further, preparation and service of tea is not always performed using proper hygienic techniques.

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The questionnaire comprised four sections, namely demographic characteristics of farmers, farm mô tả tìm kiếm, hygienic management of farm, and worm control practices.

Maternalist objectives led lớn the creation of charitable, educational, and hygienic institutions that improved the general welfare of the citizen.

To that kết thúc, this piece extended lớn other realms, including how lớn make cities cleaner, more hygienic, and, ultimately, more livable.

The association of ascariasis with several risk factors, such as socio-economic level, hygienic habits and housing factors, is also discussed.

A norovirus outbreak associated with wedding cake of food preparation, hygienic practices, and employee health and absenteeism.

A public education programme lớn improve the hygienic habits of the population might be a higher priority and more cost-effective.

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Hygienic conditions are one factor affecting the risk.

Before the outbreak of war, serum hosts were kept under excellent hygienic conditions.

Officials in the capital đô thị and the federal government proposed a hygienic program lớn minimize the degenerative effects of immigration.

Calculation of an equitability index revealed that the specific richness was less equitable once socioeconomic conditions and hygienic practices were improved.

On the surface, colonial hygienic drives seemed lớn differ little from metropolitan ones.

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This project lớn ' control water ' always involved a parallel chiến dịch of citizen improvement, that is, lớn create a ' hygienic instinct ' among the lower classes.

Thus traffic of people and vehicles into the factory without proper hygienic barriers may represent a risk of contamination of the production environment.

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