indifference là gì

I was cognizant of my complete indifference toward my own body toàn thân.

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Here, then, the term abyssal indifference takes on concrete meaning.

Similar lớn the book, blindness in the film serves as a metaphor for human nature's dark side: prejudice, selfishness, violence and willful indifference.

She only laughs in his face (as she does when he professes his love) and treats him with cold indifference, if not downright malice.

Renunciation involves detachment and an indifference towards worldly items.

This differs from expected utility theory, in which a rational agent is indifferent lớn the reference point.

This is a great burden lớn her, but she takes it on, rather willing lớn see phàn nàn lớn be indifferent.

In that case preferences would be incomplete, since not being able lớn choose is not the same as being indifferent.

The coffee houses were great social levellers, open lớn all men and indifferent lớn social status, and as a result associated with equality and republicanism.

But a certain exaggeration of emphasis may be pardoned in a writer seeking lớn attract the attention of an indifferent public.

Not only did they not top their group, they played indifferently in the league matches that followed.

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Experiments on captive spotted hyenas revealed that specimens with no prior experience with lions act indifferently lớn the sight of them, but will react fearfully lớn the scent.

He is given a physical examination, but otherwise observed indifferently by nearly everyone.

They merely persist indifferently in their states, whether of impelled motion or of rest.

A bionic limb pressed indifferently against a human face as it dies.

To add lớn her trauma, it is alleged that when she sought help from the police, she was laughed at and treated with indifference.

They're frightening figures which shouldn't come as a bombshell, but shouldn't be treated with indifference either.

In general, they were treated with indifference, or with outright hostility.

These people are treated with indifference, contempt and rejection.

He acts lượt thích he knows what it's lượt thích lớn be treated with indifference, and he knows not lớn make the same mistake with the people he interacts with.

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