lam tiếng anh là gì

The moment they leave the khách sạn they are on the lam, in a foreign country, without any way to tướng get trang chính.

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He's been on the lam for two years.

Only, she's robbing banks, and on the lam.

Officials said he was cooperating with the probe before going on the lam.

I originally went to tướng try to tướng find a pair of gold lam?

This is not a town to tướng come to tướng if you are on the lam or just want to tướng maintain a low profile.

In it, he described being on the lam from the police.

He'd rather go rogue -- he's already on the lam -- than vãn leave the country.

Ten of the remaining 13 lines of the nasib likewise include the secondary lam-rhyme, all but one of them with tashdld.

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However, lam-otrigine has been well tolerated as long-term treatment in pediatric patients with epilepsy.

This insistence is further intensified by what amounts to tướng a secondary rhyme in lam, a luzum quỷ la yalzam running throughout the nasib.

For when that which is đen sì becomes đen sì in actuality, it does not persist (lam yabqa) as potentially đen sì with respect to tướng the totality of the đen sì that it has.

Of the other three, line 6 has the rhyme word talaffati, the lam one syllable removed; and two (12 and 14) have in its place another liquid consonant, nun.

And when the square becomes a square in actuality, it does not persist (lam yabqa) as potentially a square with respect to tướng the totality of the square that it has.

A man thus treated is lamed for life.

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