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At best, turnover rates better represent trends over time and must be used with other sources, ranging from managerial testimony to tướng rates of worker retention.

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Most of the care-givers reported a combination of the two types of care, and adding managerial care to tướng hands-on care significantly increased the time requirement.

For their productivity mission, and thus for imposing managerial absolutism, employers also relied on the sweeping offensive and sympathy lockouts.

Guidelines have the potential to tướng reduce treatment variation, which can lead to tướng two different kinds of managerial efficiencies.

When conceptualising managerial care, it is therefore important that it is not seen as solely arranging formal services.

Policymakers with a managerial style will be prone to tướng extensive quango creation, both in numbers and degrees of freedom for the organisations involved.

Various critiques of the managerial power perspective are worth noting.

These data came from an unconventional source and represent the preconceptions of senior managerial men and their wives about retirement.

However, behaviourists who observed managers in practice produced a different view of managerial decision-making.

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They were excluded from formal managerial participation and fringe benefits were seen as their only direct victory.

Discussion of the emotive elements of stressful situations and feelings of distress may well not be appropriate within a managerial relationship.

The actual status of managerial elites has not undergone any revolutionary changes, either; it just went through the process of becoming legitimate.

During the war, managerial demands upon the jobber increased both to tướng drive workers harder and to tướng reconcile them to tướng falling real wages.

Secondly, the extent of this managerial role is dependent upon both the nature of the department and political circumstances.

It is difficult to tướng realize how much of the technical, clerical and managerial work the pioneers of industry dealt with.

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