naked là gì

The thin, naked stems reach 5 to tướng trăng tròn centimeters tall.

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The emission spectrum characteristics of some elements are plainly visible to tướng the naked eye when these elements are heated.

This is a figure of a naked man, with arms outstretched and face pointed upwards.

She knocks them out, handcuffs them together, naked, and leaves.

It has an apparent visual magnitude of 6.64, ví it can be seen with the naked eye from the southern hemisphere under good viewing conditions.

But he was only arrested months later by chance when a local police department found him half naked in a vehicle with an under-age girl.

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Half naked in a room -- and we filmed it in someone's house as well, with all their sheets and everything which was quite strange!

She definitely does not have any respect -- she was literally half naked when she performed that poem.

A woman's body toàn thân was found half naked and partially burnt in a park in the suburb.

Half naked, his arms and legs are covered in thick chains and padlocks, his leather waistcoat covered in key rings, broaches and medals.

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