nourishing là gì

It provided a nourishing but very heavy bread.

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Alongside the chiến dịch rules, there are new props and obstacles such as boneheaps, nourishing fountains, and sheltering trees.

It is also one of the best herbs that are used for enhancing beauty and helps in nourishing all the layers of skin.

That the poetry have a desirable permanent effect on us (like food, which should be both nourishing and palatable) (the profit factor).

The perforating canals provide energy and nourishing elements for osteons.

He was nourished in an atmosphere of strong family ties, pervasive moral influence, and a deep sense of ethnic and cultural diversity.

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It is viviparous, with females producing litters of one or two young that are nourished during gestation via histotroph (uterine milk).

Reviving the lost art of nourishing ourselves blogged about in part to tướng illustrate this as a proper approach.

It has also been defined as to tướng bear or endure or to tướng nourish, sustain or preserve.

It is the doing that is the real art and when creativity is nourished, it can sustain as well.

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