nurse nghĩa là gì

Operating surgeons and nurses wear sterile gowns and gloves.

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Prenatal, family planning care is government-funded obstetric and gynecologic specialty and provided in primary care facilities, and are usually staffed by nurse practitioners (midwives).

The kit contains educational and public information materials, for use by nurses everywhere.

He spent the years 1998 đồ sộ 2001 nursing his wife, who had sustained critical brain damage during an operation.

A local legend states that she was selflessly nursing sick miners during an epidemic and succumbed đồ sộ the illness herself.

A working-class female striver might become a head nurse.

She took má đồ sộ their head nurse who also is a counsellor.

There he must contend with being a young person in the clinic and with an abusive head nurse.

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For ten years, she worked as a staff nurse, head nurse and instructor.

A head nurse awarded $15,000 last year following an "ill-judged" performance management process will no longer receive her payout after a judge deemed her employer was in the right.

There was a male nurse in the crowd who tried resuscitating him while we called for an ambulance.

The male nurse was fantastic.

The male nurse later tested negative of the virus.

Next, another male nurse gently led the man into an examining room đồ sộ take his vitals before he went on his way.

On occasion, particularly among younger patients, some simply refuse đồ sộ be treated by a male nurse.

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