nursery rhymes là gì

Nursery rhyme as a poetic size has as a major function the rhythmic patterns of the rhyme.

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The kết thúc rhyme was preserved in each nursery rhyme.

Its melodic profile falls somewhere between recitative and a children's nursery rhyme.

The second reduces political theory to tát the level of a sophisticated nursery rhyme.

As somewhat nonsensical verse the ' meaning ' of a nursery rhyme resides to tát a degree in the specific mix of words and hence the size fosters attention to tát exact wording.

My children are reciting it as a nursery rhyme.

I close by plagiarising a little nursery rhyme.

That makes it sound lượt thích a nursery rhyme.

Yes, it is very old, an old nursery rhyme.

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I have not taken the time to tát look up any nursery rhyme.

I remember a nursery rhyme in my young days, the sentiments of which were always looked upon as being the very height of absurdity.

They were duly married and invited all their nursery rhyme friends to tát the wedding.

In the words of the old nursery rhyme, the cupboard was bare.

There is a famous nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe, and had sánh many children she did not know what to tát vì thế.

I have yet another handy nursery rhyme.

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