overtired là gì

I think, as has been said earlier, that casual evenings for overtired lawyers as an overtime task is really not enough in this important field.

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It is driving these men clean out of their minds; they are all overtired.

It is argued that if they still tự this during the day they are likely đồ sộ become overtired with a consequent risk of increased accidents.

This is usually because they are overtired, excited or depressed.

However, if those same doctors and nurses also work in the private sector, they will be even more overstretched and overtired.

Perhaps we were all a little overtired and did not notice it.

His parents said that the fear of making mistakes while he was overtired contributed đồ sộ this sad sự kiện.

Driving when overtired, for whatever reason, is dangerous.

This may be true, but does a self-employed driver present a smaller risk behind the steering wheel when he is overtired?

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In times of ever-narrowing margins and extreme competition, overtaking manoeuvres by lorry drivers, coupled with overtired drivers and overloading, are a fatal cocktail of risks.

It is absurd đồ sộ think you are going đồ sộ get any benefit by bringing a boy who is overtired from his work đồ sộ school.

This directive is a move towards ensuring that drivers tự not become overtired.

People who are underfed and overtired will not derive full advantage from education.

Senior registrars and junior doctors in general have đồ sộ make crucial decisions, and they tự make errors when overtired.

That leaves the wife alone đồ sộ cope with perhaps two overtired and overstrained children.

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