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In their disturbing psychological complexities, glazed over but never concealed by rich aesthetic surfaces, they are anxious portraits of the tormented and divided modern subject.

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30 per cent of the 19th century portraits and 22 per cent of those painted during the 20th century.

Such ' promenade portraits ' encapsulated the companionate marriage, hailed as a blend of masculine rationality and feminine tenderness.

Mitochondrial portraits of human populations using median networks.

In the panels of the phase portraits, is the horizontal and r the vertical direction.

There was a concomitant development of a sense of town history, conveyed through pageants, local chronicles and compilations of records and mayoral portraits.

The subjects of these portraits - daguerreotyped individually, in couples, or in groups - allow us a glimpse of the wide spectrum of nineteenth-century society.

By contrast, the representation of ' accelerated ageing ' in 15th century portraits was not matched by a high frequency of bags under the eyes.

Only paintings that were self-portraits which could be precisely dated and are in public collections were included in the study.

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The advanced ' age scores ' of the painters in the 15th đồ sộ 17th century portraits led us đồ sộ crosscheck the data with the sample of sculptors.

Inevitably, therefore, the samples of both painters and portraits are biased.

Nonetheless, self-portraits are in some respects controlled or consistent images, in that painters represent themselves facing the spectator.

People interacted with the portraits daily, walking past them, and continually acknowledging the ruler's position.

We Hotline it an organizing center, since in an arbitrary neighborhood of this point one can find all equivalence types of phase portraits.

Open regions on the sphere correspond đồ sộ generic phase portraits.

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