praised là gì

Praise cút với giới kể từ gì vô giờ Anh? chắc chắn rằng là thắc mắc cộng đồng của khá nhiều người. Để hiểu rộng lớn về ý nghĩa sâu sắc, ngữ pháp giống như cơ hội dùng “Praise” vô Tiếng Anh thế nào, hãy nằm trong thám thính hiểu cụ thể ngay lập tức vô nội dung bài viết tiếp sau đây.

Praise cút với giới kể từ gì vô giờ Anh?
Praise cút với giới kể từ gì vô giờ Anh?

Praise Tức là gì?

praise /preiz/

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  • danh từ
    • sự tán tụng ngợi, sự ca tụng, sự nghiền tụng, sự khen thưởng, sự ca tụng, câu nói. tán tụng ngợi, câu nói. ca tụng, câu nói. ca tụng, câu nói. nghiền tụng, câu nói. nghiền dương
      • to win praise: được ca tụng, được ca tụng
      • in praise of: nhằm ca tụng, nhằm ca tụng
      • to sing someone’s praises: ca tụng ai, khen thưởng ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • khen ngợi, ca tụng, ca tụng, nghiền tụng, nghiền dương
      • to praise lớn the skies: khen thưởng lên tận mây xanh

Đồng nghĩa – Phản nghĩa

praise (n)
admiration, commendation, approval, acclaim, tribute, applause, compliment, recommendation
antonym: criticism
worship, honor, adoration, devotion, thanks, glory, celebration, blessing
antonym: vilification
praise (v)
admire, commend, extol, honor, compliment, eulogize (formal), congratulate, pay tribute lớn, go into raptures over, applaud, acclaim, hail
antonym: criticize
glorify, honor, laud, worship, adore, exalt (formal), magnify (formal), bless, celebrate, extol
antonym: vilify

Praise cút với giới kể từ gì vô giờ Anh?

Be praised for: được khen thưởng vì thế điều gì đó

He should be praised for his honesty.

His economic policies have won widespread praise for reducing government debt.

He was highly praised for his research on heart disease.

to praise somebody / something for something ) ( lớn praise somebody / something as something ) tán tụng ngợi; ca ngợi; nghiền dương

they praised those actors as attached lớn the Vietnamese people
họ tán tụng những thao diễn viên cơ khăng khít với dân tộc bản địa Việt Nam

to praise somebody
to praise somebody

Độ thông dụng của những giới kể từ theo gót sau Praise

In 38% of cases praise for is used

She got praised for Adventureland, as well.

Praise for Kerouac’s work is far from universal.

And he was highly praised for this, greatly admired.

She had high praise for her teacher, Rosamond Gaydash, who had a studio in Georgetown.

All three newbies, Varun, Siddharth and Alia, have been praised for their performances.

Narendra Modi was all praise for Anna and has never criticised TA or any of their members.

Paul Postma has always been praised for strong offensive abilities but long been questioned defensively, even in the AHL.

Do they have some evidence that Steve Gibson is Vacula? That said, Vacula seems lớn be getting much praise for stepping down.

He led the fight against Portuguese colonialism, introduced multi-party politics and was praised for raising living standards.

Coach Andrews all praise for Zol Maharashtra’s U-19 coach from nước Australia, David Andrews, was all praise for Vijay Zol’s effort.

In 20% of cases praise by is used

The rooms have been highly praised by guest for the size and comfort.

Products are sold at home and abroad, which was unanimously praised by users.

Forget young, even that old IMF dude who is praised by folks did few things not appreciable.

His ability to find insights and truths has been praised by clients and industry peers alike.

He is praised by others; honored, esteemed, and occupied with all the goals of temporal life.

His writing has been praised by Truman Capote, Saul Bellow, David Mamet, William Styron, Aharon Appelfeld, A.

You might have bought a stylish set of dining room furniture which looks beautiful and is praised by every visiting guest.

Kim portrayed his character as a son, who always wants lớn be recognized and praised by his father, through his emotional eyes.

I finally left the front line, as the Knights of the only surviving a few, we were highly praised by the South Trung Quốc Sea town.

He has been praised by some Labour MPs as a possible unity candidate, and could attract support for his stance against the Iraq war.

In 10% of cases praise as is used

Macdonald, was praised as the country’s creator.

Deal sites were widely praised as a replacement for local advertising.

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Stakhanov was rewarded and praised as an example to all other workers.

The reviews have been glowing, with Angry Birds Star Wars being praised as the best in the franchise.

By the first week of August, PSY’s Gangnam Style had been praised as a viral YouTube sensation by major U.

She has made it ví far with a lot of grace and style and responds very well to praise as well as criticism.

While the development programme has been widely praised as the country’s greenest blueprint lớn date, how it is actually being implemented is less clear.

Ryan, 42, has been viewed by Republicans as a game-changing pick for the Romney campaign–a rising star Republican who has been praised as a conservative intellectual.

In 10% of cases praise in is used

Songs and praises in the churches.

Which certainly isn’t a decision praised in the Bible.

In contrast, Pakistan’s military top brass was praised in glowing terms.

However I did nt however expect to see it praised in the Guardians trang web.

Lesotho is another small Africa country praised in its efforts lớn build democracy.

At the same time, I understand Hitler is praised in school textbooks in states ruled by Hindu extremists.

Al-Zaidi later testified that he was moved lớn throw his shoes because he did not know what achievements Bush was praising in Iraq.

In 10% of cases praise to is used

He would sing a thousand and one praises to them when they arrived in Valinor.

And all praise to the Maori Party for supporting rights recognition before commercial redress.

All praise to you but stop your ignorance by thinking a certain God will come from the sky and save us.

To be sure, pumpkins don’t speak and zucchinis don’t sing except through our prayers and praises to God.

Praise to the Gods for the good betel! These be the thirteen virtues given, hard to meet in one thing blended, even in their happy heaven.

To think about Shri Guru’s body is like thinking about everlasting Shri Shiva and lớn recite Shri Guru’s name to praise to eternal Shiva’s qualities.

Oh, Glaucus! a poet without a label; the wine may be good, but nobody will laud it! And what says Pythagoras? – ‘ Frankincense lớn the gods, but praise to man.

In 4% of cases praise from is used

In the end I followed Ted’s suggestion of using Google Test (gtest ), which he’s often praised from his work on Breakpad.

The Canadian character likes to hear us referenced or praised from outside Canada, but too often it strikes a sour note from campaigning Presidential contenders.

In 3% of cases praise on is used

Regardless, his fans send him praise on Weibo.

Obvious, person after person here has heaped praised on her.

He called for the creation of environmental policy and praised on going deliberations on the environmental management and coordination act.

Glad you identified every one– I have never met Agnes— I am happy t o have both Kwabs and Praise on the same date— I will have lớn make a point of remembering both of them.

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In 1% of cases praise about is used

You guys, you make me laugh by creating dummy accounts on Twitter just lớn retweet or make favorite you’re OWN comments / praises about JAOMIK.

In 1% of cases praise over is used

When a person attains a high status and position in the society or gains wealth, he hates to see someone other phàn nàn him contest or go ahead of him or be praised over him.

In 1% of cases praise upon is used

Often times when someone intends lớn vì thế Ghiba of a person, he initially heaps praises upon him.