rain nghĩa là gì

The town experienced some flooding in 1918 following a deluge of 2.53in milimet of rain overnight.

They have also repaired the rain gutters and leaders (downspouts).

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The march was hampered by torrential rains and took two days to tướng cover 15 mi.

On the last day of the festival in 2009, rain brought the firework show to tướng a halt, causing the concert and fireworks to tướng be rescheduled.

More information on copper rain gutters is available.

Buried pipes are isolated from airborne debris, electrical storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and acid rain.

Though regulation of sulfate aerosol emissions from petroleum combustion is becoming stringent, acid rain remains a threat to tướng the health of residents and forests.

Locally, sulfur dioxide gas can lead to tướng acid rain and air pollution downwind from the volcano.

This area is very affected by acid rain and the thin peaty soil is best suited for sheep grazing.

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Until recently, however, trout fishing on the south fork was limited to tướng the lower half of the river due to tướng acid rain.

The common instruments of measure are anemometer, wind vane, pressure sensor, air temperature, humidity, and rain-gauge.

The pattern was found by analyzing rain-gauge measurements.

The phrase to tướng rain cats and dogs comes from ancient beliefs that cats could make it rain and dogs controlled the wind.

Half way through the trek, ascending to tướng about 2,400m above sea level, it started to tướng rain cats and dogs -- and even hailstones!

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It may rain cats and dogs all over the country, but the catchment areas need to tướng be filled in order for us to tướng fully recover.

By the time she got to tướng work, the clouds had gathered, the wind was blowing heavily and it was threatening to tướng rain cats and dogs.

It didn't rain cats and dogs on that day, as they say, the rain came down in sheets.