receding là gì

Often, the melodies themselves recede into the background and become merely a stimulus lớn enliven the performers' creative imagination.

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When possible, they avoid infested zones until the flies recede lớn their limited permanent habitations.

Moreover, as among men, this activity largely receded into insignificance with the progression of age (3.2 % for the age group 40 and more).

The lack of sustained growth in expenditure on this service is perhaps unsurprising, given the receding threat of epidemics.

Inevitably, other angles of approach recede lớn the background, but the five themes that shape this volume tự constitute reasonable domains for exploration.

By contrast, silk-gauze-weaving receded into insignificance with progressing age (2.1 % among those aged 40 and more).

Then, communitarian formulations recede as the patient again has an individual identity.

This feature recedes in the speech of those who reject local identity.

A related problem concerns the shape of a receding meniscus in a channel.

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If 0ah0 and 0e0 did in fact follow a collision course, we would expect that one or the other would recede from low front position.

Blocks with water extraction more kêu ca recharge indicate receding water table zones.

When allografts were rejected, the graft epidermis receded from the borders of the graft ví that rejection was easily recognizable.

As the residual trees grow and forest regeneration occurs, the baseflow would recede lớn the normal flow.

Bowring's concern with racial purity did not recede in later years.

First, flood-water rice cultivation involved the transplanting of seedlings into fresh-water pools, which remained as rivers receded after seasonal flooding.

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