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However, both practical considerations and respect for popular sovereignty provide reason đồ sộ prefer a global-federative model of over a states-system model.

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The model of cosmopolitan sovereignty is mix out in some depth.

In other words, before making state institutions accountable, it is necessary đồ sộ restore state sovereignty.

However, in the areas of regulatory/competition authority and state aid we may comment upon the transference of sovereignty within this policy sector.

All these things occur with historical developments - in the market, sovereignty, truyền thông, mạng internet, and culture.

How different this became once the idea - in essence, of course, a positive one - of popular sovereignty implanted itself from 1789 onwards.

In the directly occupied northern zone maintaining sovereignty in policing matters took on a different and much more negative khuông.

Sovereignty over natural resources; balancing rights and duties.

The doctrine of sovereignty developed in two distinct dimensions: the first concerned with the "internal," the second with the "external" aspects of sovereignty.

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He worked on disarmament, arbitration and new definitions of sovereignty.

And, in this regard, the assertion (p. 67) that a human security approach is less encroaching on national sovereignty really needs greater proof and argumentation.

Their subordination in the existing state, even if they are only a small minority of it, cannot be consistent with respect for popular sovereignty.

The motivation is more đồ sộ vì thế with protecting the inherited connection between social solidarity and national sovereignty.

The twin notions of equality and sovereignty must be present.

The letter, she argues, brings together notions of ' ' individual sovereignty ' ' and ' ' common good ' ' (7).

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