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He fell again a few days later and returned with a second confirmed spinal fracture requiring cervical fusion.

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The patients represent a convenience sample taken from a population of patients who had received either a spinal cord stimulator or an implantable pain pump.

These data indicate that anesthetic action in the spinal cord indirectly suppresses ascending transmission of somatosensory information, thereby altering the 'arousal' level of the brain.

Other brainstem neurons (not shown) send descending projections to tướng the spinal cord to tướng influence muscle tone and activity across the sleep-wake cycle.

It is reported that previous models had been based on neurons in the spinal cord, which were too mechanically similar to tướng computers.

Similarly, the nerve injury-induced proinflammatory ren expression in the spinal cord is also reduced in the toll-like receptor 2 knockout mice.

The nerve injury-induced spinal cord microglia and astrocyte activation is reduced in the toll-like receptor 2 knockout mice.

As mentioned, one patient in this series underwent five surgical excisions of the primary and recurrent spinal cord tumours.

These peripheral nerves are used as a route to tướng the spinal cord.

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If the ren product is released by transduced neurons it may enter both the spinal cord and the periphery.

He fell at the group trang chủ where he lives and sustained a spinal cord injury.

These activated spinal microglia are mainly residential microglia, but might also include migrating microglia from the circulation.

In the flexible-dosage study in patients with spinal cord injury pain, 22% of pregabalin and 8% of placebo-treated patients were responders.

To prevent damage by the calorific source of the halogen lamp, during illumination the spinal cord was bathed with saline solution.

In the spinal cord, many large axons lack myelin, but many axons have very thin myelin sheaths, which is indicative of remyelination.

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