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One common example concerns sprinters who prepare vĩ đại begin a race by setting their body toàn thân at an angle, with the torso partially supported by the hands.

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Others, especially the sprinters, are proclaiming loud and long that they are only running vĩ đại promote their particular brand of footwear.

The provincial sprinters, the fast diesels, are of a high standard and are very desirable.

We regard this as a safety issue, but we also bởi not want what are popularly called ‘sprinters’ vĩ đại interfere with mobility in urban areas.

The 1960s stock has gradually been replaced despite some severe teething problems with the new sprinters.

It has introduced super new sprinter trains and express trains.

We have approved investment of £151 million in sprinter vehicles of all types.

So far as running is concerned, sprinters tend vĩ đại be small men with a low centre of gravity.

I have good reason vĩ đại believe that spare trains—the sprinter trains are more reliable rolling stock—are available for redeployment.

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Yet at no intersection is there a station—which makes impossible for any interchange vĩ đại take place, unless one is an international sprinter.

Has he any information on what are the trains that are known as super sprinter types and on what line they are likely vĩ đại run?

Problems with the door-locking mechanisms of class 155 sprinters developed towards the kết thúc of 1988.

The alternative of diesel sprinter units providing an almost equivalent service leaves the taxpayers and ratepayers £13 million better off.

Indeed, the board has done well in this connection and more use of what it calls the "sprinter trains" will greatly increase the cross-country traffic.

As for coaches, we hear about sprinters and pacers rushing about the country.

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