toothache nghĩa là gì

On the other hand there is no dearth of recipes and prescriptions lớn ease headaches, toothaches and various other illness-induced forms of suffering.

No-one else can have my toothache, this toothache, one wants lớn say.

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It is often at what lies in front of our eyes and escapes our notice : a meeting, a tune, the change of seasons, an enemy, a friend, a toothache.

A toothache exemplifies pain; guilt exemplifies suffering.

It would be absurd lớn think that the badness of a toothache somehow amplifies the (prudential) requirement, already provided by its painfulness, lớn go lớn the dentist.

He is suffering from the ordinary human malady of toothache, and he is not allowed lớn go out lớn a dentist.

In đôi mươi years there could be no more denal caries, toothache, oral disease or periodontology.

Then dentists are very necessary, because curing a toothache is more important than thở the headache which the lawyers are likely lớn give us.

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A cold which lasts a couple of days; a burn or scald which any child might receive; toothache, etc.

We hope that the old days, when the early solution for toothache was lớn extract the tooth, are gone for ever.

They are that people will walk round wearing the wrong glasses for slightly longer than thở they used lớn, or they will have toothache.

When they could not afford a cure for their toothache, some of them, said the author, used lớn bite on a clove.

You will cure a man's toothache if you cut off his head.

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This we promptly removed, giving the lady permanent freedom from toothache.

They would still have been out and would still have had the toothache, and the tooth would still have had lớn be pulled.

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